Gloomwood is a first-person adventure game set in a dark, procedural Victorian city. The game has some rogue-like elements (death will reset the city and all its inhabitants), but is altogether more focused on atmospheric/narrative elements than purely goal-based.

The cloaked denizens of Gloomwood wander the streets in various masks. Each type reflects the kind of behavior the denizens exhibits: the constable searches for criminal activity (but can be bribed), the doctor sells various apothecarial solutions, the priest heals those who have done no evil (and sometimes can also be bribed). Some denizens of the same type are non-hostile, others not so much.

When combat does happen, it’s quick and dangerous. A knife drawn from a cloak to cut your throat. Games can end quickly by venturing into the wrong crowd.

My intention has always been to create places that are interesting to explore for their own sake - without the need of quest objectives or markers. From the start, I’m just dropping the player off on a dock and letting them explore the city in its entirety, without any form of gating or key-hunting.

This looks insanely fun. As the industry moves forward, procedurally-generated level design (and sometimes other modular elements) becomes more prominent. We’re telling a story about a time we played a game that perhaps no one else in the world experienced when playing due to the randomly generated game content. We anxiously await a chance to play Gloomworld!